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city-acadamy-eat-logoEat Together Win Together is our campaign to provide a space in our busy lunch room for any pupils that might need to make new friends or just fancy a chat with someone they have not met before. We are asking that City Academy and The Cabot Learning Federation pledge to make this happen during the next academic year. 


We are Zaher Khan, Khlil Moropkhil and Zabiullah Oriakmel and we came to City Academy and felt like outsiders, we didn't know anyone and really wanted to make friends with other people in our school. We know that many year 7 pupils often feel the same and many pupils that come from other schools can experience difficulties making friends which can lead to bullying.

We hope that by offering to meet with these pupils in the lunch room at a dedicated table they will find the transition into school life at City Academy lots easier and make friends. We believe that our school and also the Cabot Learning Federation should support our idea as a workable solution to making all their schools friendlier places for all pupils.


The Film

How you can help us...

We want a dedicated lunch space for kids that are feeling alone to come some with us at our table, talk, make friends and improve their experience of school lunchtimes. We would like this campaign to be so successful that kids across Britain campaign for something similar in their schools to make everyone feel more included and less alone.

We are asking that you retweet/share/like our video and join our campaign. @sharpshotzfilm #ETWT

Tell @_City_Academy what you think of our idea in the hope they will be influenced and also @Cabotfederation so that our idea can be adopted in the all schools that are part of the federation in Bristol

Spend a few moments to fill in our survey of your own experience of school lunch hours:

Leave a comment in the hope our school and the federation will listen and implement this across schools in Bristol. 

Our Poster


This is the poster that will be displayed around our school inviting other pupils to eat with us. We are on the poster so students know who to look out for along with a space to let pupils know the date, time and location of where to meet us.

We hope to use this during the whole year so have purposely left it blank to be added in as needed. We thought as the design is fairly simple if other schools and groups adopt our idea they will be able to use as a template. Chloe, our UWE students graphic designer came up with lots of different versions and we chose the one we liked best.   

Journal Entry 1

We are now filmmakers, filming interviews with other pupils about our campaign, being interviewed for the BBC and asking an expert's opinion; Kalpna Woolf from 91 Ways kindly agreed to be interviewed for our film talking about the importance of sharing a meal to build stronger community links.  

City Interviewing 2City BBC Interview

City Kalpna 91 ways interviewCC interview JAngell

Journal Entry 2

We are now at the UWE school of Film and Animation getting great tips from Sarah-Jane Bungay @SJB_100 and Sharon Alcock @LimeandGinger from the BBC and working with UWE film and animation students to get our ideas onto a storyboard ahead of filming



Journal Entry 3

We are planning our campaign with the help of Plaster, Emily Middleton and IDEAL...We have realised rather than to get everyone at school to walk in silence around the school to reduce bullying we would much prefer to get to know each other so rather than can the crush we want to eat together to win together...


Journal Entry 4

WE WON!! We are very excited to be able to bring our film and campaign to life! This is us presenting our idea to a panel of judges from UWE, BBC, Unseen, Bristol 24/7 with a little help from our translator and Miss Ware from City Academy. 


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