Creating a Campaign

Exposing a problem is often the first step to harnessing people power.

People will only invest energy and time in a campaign when they understand: -

·       Why it’s important
·       How they can help
·       What the solution is.


Key elements to creating a powerful campaign:

1. Clear Aim - Think of a clear, simple message that communicates your aim. Does your message have a good ring to it? Can you visualise it on a T-shirt, a banner? Do you like what you see?

2. Gather your evidence - Research the cause you're campaigning for thoroughly, and put together a concise objective argument for your cause.

3. Find useful allies - Target people who understand your cause or have a connection to it. Get in touch with organisations set up to help causes such as yours. Get endorsement from a celebrity.

4. Know who to lobby - Could your local MP or Mayor help? Don't get disheartened at the first hurdle, lobbying is hard work!

5. Be Bold - What would make your campaign stand out and get people talking?

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