Do we have a Deal?

Do we have a Deal?

Do We Have a Deal? - campaign film calling for more youth clubs and services to help support teenagers make positive choices for their future and prevent them from being drawn into violence, drug dealing, and involvement with gangs. Produced by a team from Orchard School Bristol


The Film

Please share our film, to help young people see the consequences of the choices they make and also help governments see the need for investment in youth services and how clear the link between investment in youth services and reduction in crime can be.

Helping young people make the right choices for themselves and highlighting the need for further investment in youth services to help young people make these right choices for themselves.

The campaign is asking for a 'deal' with young people to make the right choice and follow their true passions and interests rather than being side-tracked by the opportunity of 'easy money'

The campaign is asking for a 'deal' with government and authority figures to recognise this issue young people face and invest in more services to support this decision making process.

The more the film is shared and its topic debated the more chance for real change and the right choices to be made....

Our Poster

Do We have a Deal  Poster Crime CHANGES

Journal Entry 1

We created a meme for young people to share to highlight the importance of making the right choices #drakeknows

Drake Poster CHANGES 4

Journal Entry 2

We also created a logo for our team and campaign, highlighting choice and change and sometimes how left and right those choices can be

Lowlife logo

Journal Entry 3

We have always been told to 'show our workings out' these are some of our earlier scribbles which became our campaign. We always had an idea of our main character and his background and this is how over many discussions we brought him to life

green workshop notes

red workshop notes

Journal Entry 4

One of our earliest storyboards

OSB orginal storyboard

Journal Entry 5

We created our campaign and film based on our own experiences and from the experiences of people we knew, however during the course of the campaign workshop we kept seeing headlines like this...

 daily record headlinees headlinesun


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