We want to change the way we all think about our bodies and address body image issues. We aim to do this by campaigning to get self esteem building and body positive classes added to the PHSE provision at St Bede's for the next academic year.  

We chose this title as we hope people will watch our film and realise that everybody is their own treasure and if they need to discover what that means to them we hope that this website might be able to do so. When we started working with Sharp Shotz we were asked what issues or problems we faced as teenagers and what would we like to change the most ... how we think and feel about our bodies was a current theme we had continually faced over the years and knew many of our friends had too.

We were also really aware that bullying and the prevalence of social media was not something we could solve in one day or with one campaign, however we are determined to get our school at least recognising this is an issue and offering support to students. Hopefully if we can change our own community other people may realise they can do the same. Which is exactly how we tackled our own body image issues.

We believe in the power of building each other up and the idea that one comment from a friend can change someone's perspective we like to dream of what could happen if everybody watched our film and took a tiny action to help our cause.


  • School:St Bede's
  • Project:#IAMTREASURE @sharpshotzfilms
  • Topic:Body Image - how we see and talk to ourselves and those around us
  • @STB_Bristol

The Film


We would like you to support our campaign by...

Leaving a comment on our site or our twitter page @sharpshotzfilms with the hashtag #IAMTREASURE

Share our film, campaign message and hashtag across social media so more people can join us in our campaign. 


Our Poster


We designed this poster with the help of Nicole a student studying graphic design at UWE, she also has her own business Nicole Elizabeth Design. Nicole really understood what we are trying to achieve with this campaign and has actually made some of her own artwork featured on her insta @nicole_elizabeth_design which highlights the need to talk about issues that bother us. Her typography piece 'its ok not to be ok' fitted well with the #IAMTREASURE campaign and Nicole listened to all our ideas and came up with this poster and logo which we will use to advertise our screening and discussion at our school and gain further followers to support us. 

Journal Entry 1

st-bedes-journal-1More sneak peaks! This time from the UWE animation students who have sent us this to approve. We are so happy it fits with our overall theme and the emotions that can accompany peoples mean comments and often the mean things we say to ourselves. By showing the negative side and also the power of being yourself and listening to those who really know you (that includes yourself!) in our film and campaign we will hopefully encourage others to adopt the #IAMTREASURE philosophy. 

Journal Entry 2


Journal Entry 3

We are now in production! UWE students came to St Bede's today where we filmed the interviews and documentary element of our film, thanks to Mrs Darcy and all our actors and actress that took part!


Journal Entry 4

Its really happening! We spent the day with UWE film and animation students at their Bower Ashton campus learning how to use the camera and sound equipment and planning our storyboards and character design..this is called 'pre-production' and was amazing to see our ideas be interpreted so creatively by our student teams, here is a sneak peak of what we have been up to...





Journal Entry 5

WE WON!! We now get the opportunity to make a film and run a campaign in our school and throughout Bristol! We really want to change our peers ideas on how they think about themselves and who their hero's are..As part of our prize we get to learn about how to campaign effectively and the power of our words. We came up with these questions and slogans from our first campaign workshop which will inform our film and campaign. 



Journal Entry 6

Its finals day at the Colston Hall and we are spent a lot of time working with UWE film and animation students building up our campaign idea into a pitch we could deliver to the judging panel. Unseen @UnseenOrg gave us lots of tips on how to spread our message via campaigning and all this help must of paid off because we won! We are one of two teams that have won the chance to actually make our film and run a campaign!! #soexcited 



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