Youth Issues - Digital Dangers

The availability of the internet and mobile phones are a wonderful thing, at the touch of our fingertips we have a wealth of information and the ability to connect easily with friends, families and people all round the world. Unfortunately, this method of communicating is often unmonitored and can lead to bullying and various other forms of abuse. These films explore this topic and provide ways in which we could all stay safer online.

Related Films

Think Before You Post

The Think Before You Post Team are campaigning to raise awareness of the dangers of sexting and for there to be more education for young people around this difficult issue.

Digital Dangers

Digital Dangers explores how we are happy to share things on social media WITH TOTAL STRANGERS that we would never dream of sharing in ‘REAL LIFE’, and the dangers this can bring… Made by pupils from John Cabot Academy working with animation and film students from University of the West of England.

Lost for Words

Lost For Words - Cyber bullying takes away a person's freedom, destroying confidence, and causing pain, pain which can last longer than any physical bullying. The film offers a solution to this pain, through it's main character, talking to someone, and following a process of reconciliation with the cyberbully.

Cyber Bull

The Cyber Bull is everywhere - hiding behind a phone, a computer, a tablet, scared but dangerous, capable of creating enormous harm if we let it. The film argues that cyber bullying is easy, as technology allows people to cause others harm whenever and wherever they are.

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