Youth Issues - Drugs and Alcohol

It is important for anyone wanting or currently using drugs or alcohol to understand that there are dangers associated with using them. In particular when life becomes difficult and suddenly something that was intended to be just for fun suddenly turns into need where life cannot be managed without drugs or alcohol or both.

Abuse of drugs and alcohol is prevalent within our society and effects 10% of the population, whether via addiction or crime often associated with drug taking behaviour. Drugs and Alcohol are often seen as a way out of a problem but can lead to becoming a problem in itself.

Here are some past winning films looking at the effects drugs and or alcohol can have on someone’s life.

Related Films

Caught UP

Caught Up - Addiction traps people in a web of destruction that destroys the hopes, beliefs and lives of the individual and those that love them. The film demonstrates that it is possible for someone to free themselves from the web of addiction, through hard work, belief and the love of their family.

True Reflections

A boozy night at a party. Who do you really become? Created by the Tropics - B.Massey, C.Humphrey, M.Glanville, W.Humphrey, J.Handley, L.Box. Animated by Sophie Lowden. Title Track: 'I want to know me' written and performed by CHANTS

Turning My Life Around

Turning My Life Around' is the story of Kim, whose father's drink problem brought on by the death of Kim's mum brings terrible circumstances. The animation highlights in a graphic way how alcohol can be such a damaging force to individuals and their loved ones - Little Kim came from a discussion about our own life experiences.

Nine Lives

Nine Lives is the winning entry for the Drugs category of the Sharp Shotz Animation Competition 2007/8, it was written by Brizzle from Fairfield High School, Bristol. The team assisted Tom Malins an animation student from the University of the West of England in the making of the film.

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