Youth Issues - Mental Health

More young people than ever are seeking help for mental health issues at younger and younger ages, why do you think this is? Mental Health can cover a range of issues from ADHD, anxiety, wellbeing, depression and many more. These films explore how other young people have viewed their own mental health and asked for changes to the way others view mental health.

Related Films

Think Beyond Autism

The Think Beyond Autism Team are campaigning to raise awareness of the high levels of bullying faced by young people with autism, with the aim to educate their peers to see the person beyond the label.

Don’t Stress its Pointless

Don't Stress it's Pointless is a campaign calling for the National Curriculum to include lessons on how to manage exam stress in order to prevent young people turning to smoking, taking drugs and self harm as ways to deal with the Stress caused by Exams. The campaign is led by pupils from Broadoak College, Weston Super Mare.

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