Youth Issues - Violence

Young people can experience violence both within their own families and outside of them. It can be physical, verbal or both. Violence can be anything from verbal bullying by peers to domestic violence and gun and knife crime. The films featured below are some Sharp Shotz previous winners expressing their experience with violent behaviour and what they would like to see change. Is violence something you have experienced and would like to see stopped?

The websites featured are just a small selection of what is available and will help you understand the issue better and provide you with facts and figures you can use.

Related Films

You Are Not Alone

Your Are Not Alone is a campaign which aims to encourage children and young people experiencing abuse to access help, and calling for the wider community to help spread the message that - You Are Not Alone. The campaign is led by pupils from Fairfield High School.


Decision' - A bullied boy makes a decision that changes his life! Created by Youngerz - S. Vijaykumar, N.Doe, L.Sheikh, N.Anjum Winners of the Guns and Knives Category, Sharp Shotz Animation Competition 2010 Animated by: Sam Walsh Title Track: 'Children of War' written and performed by LOCI, vocals Eartha.

Parallel Lives'

Parallel Lives' is about a young man off to see friends, but before he leaves his home he has to make a choice, one ends in tragedy the other a fun afternoon. The film delivers it's message with great precision - that carrying a knife is statistically more dangerous than not carrying one, the choice is yours.

10 Seconds

10 Seconds is the winning entry for the Guns and Knives category of the Sharp Shotz Animation Competition 2007/8, it was written by the Outlaw Yutez from City Academy Bristol. The team assisted Georgina Reynolds an animation student from the University of the West of England in the making of the film.

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